NODUS Cloud OS™ 3.2 Empowers Non-Technical Users with Access to Unlimited Compute Resources on Major Cloud Providers

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NODUS Cloud OS 3.2 for Intelligent Cloud Management

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Adaptive Computing releases NODUS Cloud OS™ 3.2 for Intelligent Cloud Management

The new features included in this product release put Adaptive Computing light years ahead of any cloud management platform on the market today”

— Art Allen, President and CEO, Adaptive Computing

NAPLES, FL, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2019 / — Adaptive Computing today announced the release of an advanced cloud enablement technology that will improve the way organizations increase the capacity of both HPC and enterprise data centers and gain access to cloud resources. The new product release of NODUS Cloud OS™ 3.2 for intelligent cloud management gives immediate access to all computational resources, whether on premise or in the cloud, on any leading cloud provider. NODUS Cloud OS™ simplifies the complexities of running HPC and enterprise workloads and applications in the cloud by connecting to AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Azure, Open Telekom Cloud and Huawei Cloud from within the GUI. It includes all the necessary tools to facilitate moving HPC and enterprise workloads and applications to the cloud and/or extending on-premise resources.

NODUS Cloud OS™ is a powerful new platform intended for non-technical users that does not require any cloud expertise. Just like an operating system is an abstraction layer for a hardware platform, NODUS is an abstraction layer for a cloud platform. NODUS seamlessly runs applications in public clouds without the application owner requiring any knowledge of the cloud itself. This adds up to a significant cost savings for organizations looking to extend their tech infrastructure across multiple cloud providers and on-premises resources without procuring expensive new hardware installations or hiring additional expertise.

“The new features included in this product release put Adaptive Computing light years ahead of any cloud management platform on the market today,” said Art Allen, President and CEO of Adaptive Computing.

New cloud bursting features in this release include the automatic management of cloud nodes and configurable bursting features.

For a hands-on experience with NODUS Cloud OS™ go to, create an account, put in your cloud credentials, and start spinning up nodes in the cloud. This is an extremely powerful, yet simple-to-use technology that will eliminate the barriers of cloud adoption for many HPC and enterprise organizations alike. To learn more visit: or download the data sheet.

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