The Royal Canadian Air Force to provide exclusive updates on Fixed-Wing Training at Military Flight Training 2019

SMi Reports: Senior representative from the Royal Canadian Air Force will be speaking at the Military Flight Training Conference in London, next month

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 3, 2019 / — The agenda for SMi’s Military Flight Training Conference taking place on the 9TH – 10TH October 2019 in London, features over 15 military and industry expert speakers giving briefings and perspectives on maximising military flight training capabilities for the 21st century from: Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, UK, and USA.

Expert speaker Lieutenant Colonel Erik Rozema-Seaton, Commanding Officer, 426 Transport Training Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force will be presenting on day-one of the event on ‘The Role of the 426 Transport Training Squadron in Building and Delivering Effective Fixed Wing Training Programmes’.

About Lieutenant Colonel Erik Rozema-Seaton: After joining the RCAF as an Air Navigator in 1998, he has flown as an instructor/evaluator on the CC130H and E-3, deploying numerous times around the globe. An experienced staff officer at the Canadian Joint Operations Command, he was also the Deputy Commanding Officer of 426 (T) Sqn, and the Commanding Officer of Canadian Forces Station Alert, having recently assumed command of 426 (T) Sqn on 20 July 2018. Lt Col Rozema-Seaton is also a graduate of the Canadian Joint Command and Staff Program, and holds two master's degrees.

Erik Rozema-Seaton’s presentation will cover:

• Generating operationally effective air mobility aircrew and technicians to operate in full support of Canadian Forces operations
• Contractor cooperation to deliver flexible training delivery
• Flight simulator to train pilots in advanced and realistic operational scenarios
• Preparing aircrew and support staff for international deployments versatile training facilities

The event brochure with the full agenda and speaker line-up is available to download online at

Other Fixed-Wing Training presentations include:

Colonel DeAnna Franks, Vice Commandant, 139th Airlift Wing, US Air National Guard will be speaking on ‘Preparing Fixed-Wing Crews for Complicated Airlift and Air-to-Air Refueling Missions’.

Mr Martin Scherrer, Head of Flight Operations,Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH [SPONSOR] will be speaking on ‘DART-550 The Next Level of Versatility’.

For those interested in attending the conference next month, registrations will soon be limited. It is advised to book your place at

Military Flight Training 2019
9th – 10th October
London, UK
Sponsors: Diamond Aircraft Industries and Leonardo

For exhibition and sponsorship enquiries, contact Sadia Malick on +44 (0) 207 827 6748 or

For delegate enquiries, contact James Hitchen on +44 (0) 20 7827 6054 or email

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XTI Aircraft Company to Exhibit at NBAA-BACE

No Airport Required

Coming out

Ready to Fly

Company’s TriFan 600 model to be displayed at innovation exhibit

“We’re delighted to be chosen by NBAA to exhibit and for this opportunity to showcase the TriFan 600,” ”

— Robert LaBelle, CEO, XTI Aircraft Co.

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, September 3, 2019 / — XTI Aircraft Company (XTI) announced today it has been invited by the National Business Aircraft Association to exhibit its revolutionary TriFan 600 vertical takeoff airplane as part of NBAA’s Innovation Exhibit at its annual Business Aircraft Convention & Exhibit (BACE) in Las Vegas, October 22-24, 2019.

“We’re delighted to be chosen by NBAA to exhibit and for this opportunity to showcase the TriFan 600,” said Robert LaBelle, XTI’s Chief Executive Officer. “The invitation is further validation that we have a very innovative aircraft. With its patented technology, vertical takeoff combined with long-range, the speed and comfort of a business aircraft, and a quiet, clean state-of-the-art hybrid-electric propulsion system, there’s absolutely nothing comparable to the TriFan 600.”

On August 5, 2019, XTI announced that due to anticipated success under its $25 million Series B private placement, the company is likely to close its equity crowdfunding campaign on the StartEngine platform,, before the end of 2019.

“We conducted a series of successful initial hover tests earlier this year, we announced a major collaboration with GE Aviation at Oshkosh in July of this year, and we’ve received 81 orders for the airplane so far,” said LaBelle in that announcement. “That represents over a half billion dollars in gross revenues upon delivery.”

The company also announced in August that it is currently planning to enter into arrangements with one or more “Alternative Trading Systems” or secondary markets for all XTI shareholders to have the opportunity to offer their shares for sale on a secondary market. This will create liquidity for investors and allow them to buy and sell shares of XTI, and possibly realize a return before the company gets acquired or goes public.

The shares won’t become tradeable until XTI closes its crowdfunding campaign. XTI will announce the date if and when trading on a secondary trading platform becomes available. “XTI will continue to sell shares for $1.50 on StartEngine until the offering closes,” LaBelle added.

“Our offering on the StartEngine platform has provided and continues to provide a rare opportunity for unaccredited and accredited investors around the world to own a piece of the future of flight,” LaBelle said. “The TriFan 600 vertical takeoff airplane will transform air travel forever.”

The TriFan is a major breakthrough in aviation and air travel. The six-seat TriFan 600 will have the speed, range and comfort of a luxury business aircraft and the ability to take off and land vertically, like a helicopter. It will travel at 345 miles an hour, with a range of up to 1,200 miles. Using three ducted fans, the TriFan lifts off vertically. Its two wing fans then rotate forward for a seamless transition to cruise speed and its initial climb. It will reach 30,000 feet in just ten minutes and cruise to the destination as a highly efficient business aircraft.

“The market continues to recognize the value proposition of our unique and revolutionary airplane and its patented technology,” said LaBelle. “Vertical takeoff combined with long-range, the speed and comfort of a business aircraft, and our quieter and cleaner state-of-the-art hybrid-electric propulsion system.”

Shares in XTI may be purchased for $1.50 a share at, providing a unique opportunity for the general public to invest in an aerospace company with a game-changing product, a world-class leadership team, and what the company believes presents significant growth potential. Potential investors should read the Offering Circular before investing.

Simultaneously with the equity crowdfunding financing, accredited investors may participate in XTI’s $25 million Series B round. Accredited investors seeking more information should contact Mr. LaBelle at (571) 216-1594.

XTI Aircraft Company is a privately owned aviation business based near Denver, founded in 2012. XTI is guided by a leadership team with decades of experience, a deep well of expertise, and success bringing new aircraft to market. XTI is founded on a culture of customer-focused problem solving to meet the evolving needs of modern travelers.

For information and updates about XTI Aircraft Company and the TriFan 600, visit . To invest, go to, or accredited investors may contact Mr. LaBelle at (571) 216-1594. For information on reserving a priority position for the TriFan under the Company’s pre-sales program, contact Mr. LaBelle.

Media Contact for XTI Aircraft Company:
Robert LaBelle
Chief Executive Officer
XTI Aircraft Company
Centennial Airport
Englewood, Colorado 80112
(571) 216-1594



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TriFan 600 – This Changes Everything!

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Aircraft Airframe MRO Market By Production, Manufacturer, Growth, Supply, Demand, SWOT Analysis Forecast To 2025

Aircraft Airframe MRO Market - 2019-2025

Aircraft Airframe MRO Market – 2019-2025

A new market study, titled “Discover Global Aircraft Airframe MRO Market By Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges” has been featured on WiseGuyReports.

PUNE, MAHA, INDIA, September 3, 2019 / —  

Aircraft Airframe MRO Market – 2019-2025

Report Description:
Aircraft is an instrument or a gadget, in terms of analysts, is used for airways to get things done. Rotorcraft, glider, and airplane are the advancements in the technology that have made it possible to soar high for nay killed an individual.

The report has set it eyesight to entail the different types, applications, trends, regions, or countries the framework has excelled in. This is the major thing which determines the balance sheet of any organization. The graph is positive as the recent scientific and technological developments have made vast scope in the field of manufacturing aircraft.


Free Sample Report »

The key players covered in this study 

Air France KLM Engineering & Maintenance (France) 
Singapore Technologies Aerospace (Singapore) 
HAECO (Hong Kong) 
AAR Corp. (U.S.) 
Lufthansa Technik AG (Germany) 
GAMECO (China) 
Turkish Technic Inc. (Turkey) 
Evergreen Aviation Technologies (EGAT) (Taiwan) 
Aviation Technical Services (U.S.) 
Sabena Technics (France)

Market Assessment by Type

An aircraft frame is replenished with many features. The types of the market covering the airframe products are iterated in many ways. The basic types upon which the aircraft depends are an elevator, doors, windows and windshields, wing, fuselage, and other elementary products.

Airframe structural components are manufactured from a variety of materials. The principal auxiliaries are the five mentioned in the report. The former aircraft were made of wood. The next pattern of material used to build the aircraft depended upon aluminum. Newly built aircraft are on the crafted sheets of molded composite materials. The report has envisaged the structural members of an aircraft. The wing spar forms the major part of the system. The skin of the aircraft, which includes both outer and inner, is made from aluminum, impregnated fabric, plywood or composites. The whole aircraft is assembled with the modals of rivets, bolts, fasteners, and other screws. Aircraft Airframe MRO is a visual display of the beauty that is stored in the configuration of an aircraft.

Complete Report »

Scope Of Report:

Market overview by application

An aircraft or airplane in airway transport and communication is joined to different sectors. The various agencies that apply Aircraft Airframe MRO in their organization are by commercial air transport, business and general aviation and military aviation. The military aviation invokes more advanced materials and is majorly secured with the government aided forms. The business type is used for transporting cargos. And the commercial air transport gets the passengers to their destinations.

Fragmentation by Regions or Countries

The study has evaluated the major countries formulating the idea of Aircraft Airframe MRO in their respective place. The United States, China, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, India, Central, and South America form the part of the entire program. The market size in America is relatively graded up than the rest. And, other countries are on the verge to lead the game of aircraft in the airframes.

Top Players by Manufacturers

The key players that make it possible to reach the global heights are secured with investment options. The big manufacturers in the trade are Turkish Technic Inc in Turkey, air France KLM Engineering and Maintenance in France, Sabena Technics in France, Singapore Technologies Aerospace in Singapore, AAR Corp in US, HAECO in Hong Kong, GAMECO in China, Evergreen Aviation Technologies in Taiwan and Aviation technical Services in the United States.

Latest Trends in the Industry

Aircraft Airframe MRO is a framework under which the basic principle of market trends is justified. The weight reduction because of the composite materials used in the airframe helps in building the market size with gross profit. The development of glider airframes has made it possible for fixed-wing aircraft. By the end of 2025, the aircraft airframe industry is going to excel in the worldwide.

Table of Content:

1 Study Coverage

2 Executive Summary 

3 Breakdown Data by Manufacturers 

4 Breakdown Data by Type 

5 Breakdown Data by Application 

11 Company Profiles 

12 Future Forecast 

13 Market Opportunities, Challenges, Risks and Influences Factors Analysis 

14 Value Chain and Sales Channels Analysis 

15 Research Findings and Conclusion

16 Appendix 


Continued …
Download Free Sample Report >>


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General Atomics Aeronautical Systems announced to sponsor SMi’s UAV Technology conference in London this Month


SMi reports: General Atomics have signed up to sponsor and present at UAV Technology 2019 taking place on the 30th September and the 1st October in London

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 2, 2019 / — With just four weeks until SMi’s UAV Technology conference, taking place on the 30th September and 1St October at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK, SMi are delighted to welcome latest sponsor General Atomics Aeronautical Systems to the line-up. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems are set to present and exclusive briefing at the conference which is yet to be revealed.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems is a leading manufacturer of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) systems, radars, and electro-optic and related mission systems solutions. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Aircraft Systems business unit is a leading designer and manufacturer of proven, reliable RPA including:

• Predator A
• Predator B/MQ-9 Reaper
• Gray Eagle
• The new Predator C Avenger
• Predator XP

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems also manufactures a variety of state-of-the-art digital Ground Control Stations (GCS) and provides pilot training and support services for RPA field operations. The Mission Systems business unit designs, manufactures, and integrates the Lynx Multi-mode Radar and the highly sophisticated Claw sensor payload control and image analysis software on to both manned and remotely piloted aircraft. It also integrates other sensor and communication equipment into manned Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft and develops emerging technologies in electro-optical sensors, and meta-material antennas.

At the conference, Mr Rob Jackson, Lead Engineer UK & Europe Airspace Integration at General Atomics Aeronautical Systems will be presenting an exclusive briefing on: “MALE RPAS – in it for the Long Haul (a GA-ASI Perspective)”. He will discuss:

• Introduction – to include the pedigree of GA-ASI MALE RPAS experience (Ikhana, MQ-9B Transatlantic flight, SIO, flying MQ-9 in Syracuse ANG with no chase aircraft – GBDAA)
• GA involvement in regulation and certification in the US and Europe (FAA, RTCA, EUROCAE, Eurocontrol, NATO)
• How the RPAS and Regulatory Community need to come together to produce realistic and workable regulations and the ability to police RPAS use

To find out more about how General Atomics Aeronautical Systems can solve your potential challenges register today for the conference and meet them this month at

Other leading UAV and Counter-UAS expert industry organisations signed up to sponsor include:
Black Diamond Advanced Technology, Enterprise Control Systems Ltd, Fizoptika, Leonardo, Mynaric AG, Robin Radar Systems, Scheibel and Teleplan Globe.

Firmly established as the leading conference focused on UAV and C-UAS technologies, the 2019 event invites not only the programme managers, requirement planners in the land, air, and maritime domains, but also operational users and industry technical experts to share their knowledge and experiences in the enhancement of UAV and C-UAS technologies at this international symposium.

To join nations from across the globe and network with international militaries and technical experts, to advance discussion on current and future UAS warfare capabilities, bookings can be secured at

UAV Technology 2019
30th September – 1st October
London, UK

Proudly sponsored by
Black Diamond Advanced Technology, Enterprise Control Systems Ltd, Fizoptika, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Leonardo, Mynaric AG, Robin Radar Systems, Scheibel and Teleplan Globe

For sponsorship enquiries, contact Justin Predescu on +44 (0) 207 827 6130 or

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