Aviation Fuel Market 2019- Global Industry Analysis, By Key Players, Segmentation, Trends and Forecast By 2026

Global Aviation Fuel Market

Global Aviation Fuel Market

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Global Aviation Fuel Market

Aviation Fuel Market is gaining popularity as better qualities of the products, and rising number of flights are creating more traction. Aviation Fuel is a different type of petroleum-based fuel used to power aircraft. It is produced from processing crude oil in a petroleum refinery. The fuel is of greater quality and may contain additives to lower the risk of icing or explosion due to high temperature etc. The price of Aviation Fuel is less as compared to other types of fuel. It is of importance on part of the Aviation industry to move towards cleaner fuels and encourage green environment.

The increasing demand for air cargo transportation is expected to drive the Aviation Fuel Market growth because of its fuel efficiency. By using a higher quality of Aviation Fuel the efficiency of airplanes is increased and thus will reduce carbon emissions and ensure sustainable air travel. By developing economies and reducing the airfare, the Aviation Fuel Market will grow at a significant pace. The military sector plays a vital role in generating revenues by consuming a considerable amount of Aviation Fuel thus propelling the market to a new height.

Government effort to decrease pollution and increase awareness towards the environment across the world is driving the Aviation Fuel Market further. Efforts have been initiated to reduce the carbon emission and securing energy by the Government and Aviation Industry across the globe. The government is investing hugely on this purpose and is the primary factor for the increasing demand for Aviation Fuel Market. The stringent regulations applied to the oil and gas industry and the fluctuating price of crude oil are hampering the growth of the Aviation Fuel Market.

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The global Aviation Fuel Market is segmented based on aviation fuel type – Jet Fuel A, A-1, and Jet B and Biofuel. Jet Fuel A, A-1 is a mix of pure kerosene, and it powers modern commercial airlines. Jet B is a blend of Naptha-kerosene and Biofuel is any liquid fuel that is derived from biological materials such as agricultural waste, trees, crops, or Grass. They are alternative to conventional fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas, petroleum or propane. The global Aviation Fuel Market can be segmented based on application into – Commercial, Defence and others. The defense sector plays a major part in the growth of the Aviation Fuel Market.

Regional Analysis:

In terms of region, North America and Europe’s Aviation Fuel Market performance will show better growth due to its dominance in the Aviation Fuel Market. As North America and Europe have better expenditure capacity, both the market is expected to expand at a significant pace. Both regions will drive the market share. Aviation Fuel Market will show extensive growth in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), by making alterations in the present industry scenario. The Asia-Pacific (APAC) market is also gaining reliable traction from the revamping of the aviation industry. It is expected that during the coming period, Asia-Pacific (APAC) will drive the Aviation Fuel Market due to the increase in air traffic passengers.

Industry News:

August 08, 2019. Two Washington State FBOs have Joined Aviation Fuel Network. Aviation Fuel has expanded its branded dealer network in the Pacific Northwest with two central Washington FBOs, Pangborn Flight Center and McCormick Air Center. Pangborn Flight Center is the only service provider at Pangborn Memorial Airport and McCormick Air Center is the lone FBO at McAllister Field.
Both locations will participate in Aviation Fuel’s contract fuel program, also with its Aviation Fuel customer loyalty plan.

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