Peter Zieve Gives Tips on How to Choose the Right College

Peter Zieve is well known for being a very successful engineer and business owner.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, January 26, 2021 / — Peter Zieve is well known for being a very successful engineer and business owner. More than 30 years ago, he founded Electroimpact, a company that has made many great strides through the use of technology that Zieve was able to develop. Prior to forming his company, Peter Zieve had a very successful educational background that included going to the University of Washington, where he received his Ph.D. Today, he continues to understand how important education is. One part of this is going to college. There are a variety of tips that should be followed when you are picking a college for higher education.

Peter Zieve Says to Consider Ranking and Prestige of a School
One tip that Peter Zieve has provided is to consider the ranking and prestige of the school. Ideally, you should aim for going to a top-10 college or university or at least one that is highly regarded in your area. When you go to one of these schools, you will graduate with a prestigious degree that will be respected by employers and graduate programs. Additionally, you are bound to make life-long connections that will help you build a strong personal and professional network that will be advantageous throughout your career.

Considering Program Reputation is Important to Peter Zieve
While the overall reputation of a college is important, you also need to factor in the reputation of the program that you are interested in. Those that are interested in an engineering program should look for schools that have a good reputation in the specific degree path that you want to pursue. Some pieces of data that should also be considered are the graduation rate, the job placement rate and the median income upon graduation and 5 to 10 years post graduation. These factors helped Peter Zieve choose a strong program, which has helped him build a successful career.

Peter Zieve Suggests Finding a School With Appropriate Extracurricular Activities
Beyond spending time in the classroom, you should look for ways to get involved in your school. A college student's experience should include participating in a variety of different activities, clubs and programs that can help them learn more and make more connections. Zieve suggests gathering information about each school's opportunities and then comparing them to each other. This could help you then pick a school that will offer all that you want. Peter Zieve also believes in the importance of giving back so finding a school that offers charitable opportunities is also a great option.

Ultimately, going to college is very important and can open up a lot of job opportunities for you. According to Peter Zieve, picking the right college is a very important decision that needs to be taken seriously. He is always willing to have a conversation with a student or parent or refer them to resources that can help to guide their decision. One resource he always recommends is The response from this guidance continues to be amazing and can help make a great life-changing decision.

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