LCR-Reader-MPA All-in-One Multimeter is a Finalist for Product of the Year, Presented by Plant Engineering

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LCR-Reader-MPA All-in-One Digital Multimeter offers wide range of features and functions

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Siborg Systems Inc. products, including LCR-Reader-MPA, LCR-Reader, LCR-Reader-MPA with Bluetooth and new Coil Ring Tester

LCR-Reader-MPA, LCR-Reader, Coil Ring Tester from Siborg Systems Inc.

Digital LCR/ESR/Diode/LED tester is easy to use and requires no set-up between
measurements; voting open until February

We are very excited that LCR-Reader-MPA All-in-One Multitester is in the finals for Product of the Year. Subscribers can vote until February 5th, 2021.”

— Michael Obrecht

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 27, 2021 / — Siborg Systems Inc.’s LCR-Reader-MPA is a do-it-all multimeter with an unparalleled range of features and functions and virtually no set-up requirements. The device has reached the finals for Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year for the Maintenance Tools and Equipment category. Voting is open until February 5th, with winners announced online in April 2021. Plant Engineering is an online and offline magazine for production and manufacturing. Subscribers can vote by visiting the LCR-Reader-MPA product page and clicking the trophy icon on the right side of the page.

LCR-Reader-MPA is a professional grade digital multimeter with LED/Diode testing, with almost no set-up required between measurements. When testing LCR/ESR, MPA will automatically determine the type of component and best test parameters to use. All measured values, including the main impedance value and secondary (e.g. ESR) value, type of component, and test settings used are displayed on the built-in LCD screen. Measurements are done with a 0.1% basic accuracy and unprecedented ranges.

MPA offers the most features of any Smart Tweezers or LCR-Reader devices; including LED/Diode test, oscilloscope mode, Super Cap testing, AC/DC Voltage/Current measurements, and more. One of the most important features of the device is the ability to test using a 100 kHz test frequency allowing to accurately measure sub 1 pF capacitors and small inductors.

Besides, Siborg offers a Bluetooth enabled model of MPA. The device, along with the companion Windows software MPA-BT Logger, allows users to test and remotely record measured values in real-time. The program also has the added ability to automatically grant Pass/Fail to measured components. Users set profiles for their desired values and test conditions which are automatically compared to the actual measured values of the component. While measuring, the background on the program will turn red when a component has not met the desired specifications. The recorded values are also marked Pass/Fail and colored green or red. The Pass/Fail feature is exceptionally useful when testing a varied range of values and components.

LCR-Reader-MPA Features include:
-0.1% Basic accuracy
-Fully automatic and manual LCR/ESR, LED/Diode measurements
-AC/DC Voltage/Current meter
-Oscilloscope mode
-Automatic and manual test frequencies: 100, 120 Hz, 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 and 100 kHz
-Easy Open/Short Calibration
-Large and Super Large capacitance testing
-Frequency meter
-Signal Generator
-1.3 oz weight
-Li-Ion battery with micro-USB charging
-Optional Bluetooth module

Voting for LCR-Reader-MPA as Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year is open until February 5th, 2021. Winners are announced online in April 2021. Subscribers can vote by visiting the LCR-Reader-MPA product page and clicking on the trophy icon.

The LCR-Reader line of multimeters are available through Siborg’s online sales channels on Amazon and through their LCR-Reader Store in China and Canada.

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