AkiraNET – Coherent Logix Contract Signing and Project Kick-Off

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, September 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — AkiraNET, a Taiwan-based joint venture between ZINWELL and SUNPLUS Technology, has announced an agreement reached with Coherent Logix, (Austin, Texas) for development of the AKX22 V-SOC chip set, development of Wi-Fi 6E Mesh software and joint development of the Yoshino, Wi-Fi 6E mesh home networking appliance.

Coherent Logix is the global leader in programmable processors for embedded systems. Coherent Logix’s HyperX™ Digital-Streaming Processor technology is at the heart of this new product. HyperX is a software-defined platform enabling a Virtual System-On-Chip (VSOC), and since the processor’s functionality is defined in software, it is anticipated that these devices will be sold for many other purposes beyond AI-driven Wi-Fi mesh in consumer homes.

This new Wi-Fi-mesh reference design is unlike any other due to the software-defined nature of the VSOC which drives it and can be upgraded with added functionality once deployed. Consumers and service providers will be able to download or distribute software upgrades and improvements to the device after it has been deployed in their network. These can be more than simple firmware updates, but functional upgrades like a new Wi-Fi 7 radio module, new AI for mesh control, new Software-Defined-Networking features, etc.

“We are very pleased to serve this new joint venture between these two well-established companies in the consumer electronics and automotive spaces and look forward to their success with this chipset and product family,” said Michael Doerr (Founder and CEO of Coherent Logix).

Jack Huang, Chairman of both ZINWELL and AkiraNET BOD said, “This product has been a long time in planning and we are happy to see it entering this next phase of development. The many retail and service provider customers we supply are excited to see this new product and the great price point for such an advanced broadband data appliance for the home.”

AkiraNET Co. is a fabless chipmaker headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Founded in 2020, AkiraNET’s initial projects include Wi-Fi 6E mesh network and IoT MIMO reference designs, tailored at the hardware–software interface for optimal performance. Using AkiraNET chipsets, product upgrades will simply be a matter of a new firmware burn-in, accelerating our clients’ application development to the pace of markets rather than building within traditional hardware and supplier constraints.

Coherent Logix is a leading provider of programmable processors in markets and applications areas requiring low-power, high-throughput, real-time, cost-effective computing solutions. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Coherent Logix introduced the unique HyperX Technology to the market in 2007, introducing the HyperX Virtual System on Chip (VSOC) technology, miniaturizing legacy systems down to nanoscale devices. This technology is fit for applications such as Aerospace, Automotive, Communications, Consumer, Industrial, Media & Entertainment, Medical, Military, and many others where field-upgradeable processing and communications coupled with very low-power consumption are a must.

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